When It Makes No Sense

It’s easy to praise God when you feel blessed and happy as everything goes the way you expected. But do you blame God when nothing is working out and you just feel dejected and helpless?

I’ve been there countless times. And there have been times when I nearly gave up on Him.

Job had everything taken away from him, Jeremiah was hunted down by everyone and King David was being challenged by not only other kingdoms, but also his own people. If I were them, I would be blaming God, complaining to Him and going against Him for why would someone cause me this much pain if they loved me? Clearly God doesn’t love them anymore! Job lashed out at God; Jeremiah told Him he’s had enough; David complained to Him and even Jesus cried out to God in hopes that he doesn’t have to go through this painful journey to the cross.

But this is it. They continued to talk to God, not their friends, not their enemies, just God. And as they are having a conversation with God, they continue to receive the overwhelming love poured out from this God full of grace. They started to praise Him and as they remembered God’s never-changing nature and promises through it, their perspectives changed. They sat down with God so that they may hear God’s side of the story, the best plan He has for them.

They continued to talk to God, not their friends, not their enemies, just God.
Shiela Lim

Core Team Member

The Weight Is Already Lifted

As I was going through some challenges in life recently, Holy Spirit prompted me to simply praise Him each morning I wake up regardless of what circles around my mind. And it came to a point where there were more praises I could sing for Him than the challenges itself. Then, I could deal with the challenges better, not because I had more strength or that the challenges were disappearing, but that I knew God was already holding the weight for me.

So if you’re in a situation as such, perhaps it’s time to sit down, speak with Him and most importantly praise Him even if you don’t feel like it, then things will start to make sense.

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” (Psalms 42:5)

by Shiela Lim